A Collection of Infinite Jest Fan Art

While I like to think that I’m the most prolific source of Infinite Jest fan art on the internet, there are certainly people who were doing it before me and will be long after. Infinite Jest is the kind of novel that inspires creative obsession. This is a sampling of the best Infinite Jest fan art.



When tackling a cover design for the novel, you either have to make it very simple of very complex.

This first designer opted for simple. I don’t know who to credit this to, but I found it on the Sometimes a Great Notion blog.

Jennie Ottinger created a simple design using gouache on paper. You can see more of her work on her Flickr page.

There’s this retro-futuristic design, found on this blog, although I have no idea who the original artist is.

While not exactly a book cover, Cody Hoyt created this beautifully chaotic print. You can purchase it here.

Fish-man, on his Deviant Art page, decided to illustrate multiple aspects of the novel on the cover.


Don Gately

This is Jenny Graf’s vision of Gately.

Here is Gately smashing some poor Nuck’s head through a windshield. I hope Benjamin Birdie decides to give us a color version of this one day.

Hal Incandenza

Hal, by Matt Wiegle.

Mario Incandenza

Mario, by Timothy Kreider

Randy Lenz

Lenz by Fantodstic.

Michael Pemulis

Pemulis, also by Fantodstic.

Madame Psychosis

Madame Psychosis by oponok on Deviant Art.

And here’s a nice illustration of the whole cast from ElDangerrible on Deviant Art. It’s worth taking a look at the enlarged version on his site.


A beautiful set of watercolor movie posters from Kurt McRobert. More can be found at his website.

Tim Porter designed a DVD cover in the style of the Criterion Collection for the entire Incandenza filmography. See them all here.

The O.N.A.N. seal

The seal as designed by JESS3 on the Infinite Atlas site.

The seal as featured on the Idiot Genius t-shirt shop.

Michelle Farro has woodblock prints for sale.


A detailed map of the geography of Infinite Jest illustrated by Javier Zarracina. It appeared in the Boston Globe.

While not exactly ‘art’, Infinite Atlas, an interactive map of Infinite Jest’s locations, is heavily researched and very impressive.

ETA Grounds by Kyle Ware, from Elegant Complexity: A Study of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, by Greg Carlisle

A map of Infinite Jest’s plot. Artist unknown. A larger version can be found at DFWForever.

An incredibly detailed map of all the characters in Infinite Jest. It also includes a map of the Eschaton game. View a larger version of purchase a poster here.


Fish-man also created this nice Eschaton graphic.

Another one from Michelle Farro


Here’s an illustration of James O. Incandenza from Grant Gill - @great_gillian on Instagram